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When the subject comes to Akyaka, what come first to the mind are Akyaka Houses that have become famous with their wooden architecture style under the pionership of Nail Çakırhan and the bougainvilleas decorating these houses, the Ancient City of Idyma with its remnants from a wealthy history, the public beach and social facilities that have gained a contemporary appearance with the palm trees and new landscape arrangements, famous Azmak rivers with their water like serene aquariums, ducks and gooses gliding on these rivers, flamboyant butterflies flying about the reeds, fish restaurants along the Azmak rivers that are impossible to be forgotten by anybody who has dropped by, calming and heavenly coasts and the recreational facilities in the forest of Akyaka.

The 7-km path descending towards a plain from the mountain pass called Sakar that starts from the 15th km of Muğla-Marmaris Highway will lead you to Akyaka. On the crooked road down to the plain is a turnout to the right which takes you to Akyaka along a road among the pine trees. If you pass by this turnout, turn left from Marmaris-Muğla crossroad just after the turnout. At the end of this route you will be able to see the shining river called Azmak. The peculiar architecture of Akyaka will draw your attention at a first glance. After entering the town center of Akyaka, you reach the Akyaka beach with its blue flag when you turn left while proceeding towards the forest area. Here is the conjuction point of the sea and the Azmak river. Green pine woods begin just beside the town center. There are camping and picnick areas and restaurants in the woods arranged by the General Directorate of Forestry. You need to take a few miles more to swim in the sandy beaches in the bays hiden by the forest. You can rent a boat from Akyaka or just walk to get to these bays. Akyaka offers to the naturesports enthusiasts many oportunities thanks to the advantages created by its location and geography. There are numerous activities to be done in every season in Akyaka.

Nail Çakırhan Houses

 The splendid pine forests lay beside the bays ornamented like an embroidery in Akyaka, one of the most magnificient settlements of the country. Akyaka Houses architecture of which was synthesized with Ula Architecture by Nail Çakırhan, winner of Ağahan architecture awards, are worth to seeing with their woodwork and hand-crafted embroideries.

Azmak River Tour

Akyaka, Akçapınar and Kadın Azmak Rivers act as natural air conditioners with their cold water at 14 degrees C getting mixed up in the sea during summer months while captivating the visitors with the under water flora of poetical beauity. With a boat trip on the Azmak River you can watch the splendid flora under the water, water snakes, turtles, sea otters and the ducks that are on the river all day-long.


Gökova Gulf hosts thousands of fish types as the cleanest seawater of the country. You can go fishing with fishing boats daily. The voices of the fishers saying "Good Luck" to each other echo on the Gökova Gulf in the early morning. The fishermen who have got their shares from the fertile water of the gulf for hundreds of years take you to a mystical voyage beginning in the early hours of the day.

Daily boat trips

Boat trips organized daily in Akyaka, the meeting point of blue and green are worth to experiencing. This dream trip starting from Akyaka continues with the destinations such as İncekum, Cedar Island where Cleopatra’s famous beach is situated in, and other islands, all of which are just like a trip to the past. The boat trips turn out to be more fantastic with short stops in Akbük, İncekum and Çınar beaches. Cedar Island is a must for daily trips and Blue Voyages. It is definitely number one in Gökova Gulf. Cleopatra beach in the island is inundated by the visitors. It is forbidden to lay towel on the beach or removing any sand since the beach is filled in with a distinctive kind of sand. The island, called Kedria in ancient times, was first inhabited by Doris people. Then other people also lived in the island during the reigns of Greece, Persia, Helen, Roma and Byzantium. Having a short trekking in the island would be enough to see the wealth of the place during that era. The remnants of the Apollo Temple and theatre built in Doris style are the most suitable places that can make you trace the past life of Cedar Island and dream of those days.

Fish Restaurants

You must really visit world-famous restaurants situated by the river called Azmak. You can enjoy the fish types such as grouper, grey mullet, seabream, or fried calamari and mussels at these restaurants built on the cold water of Azmak River, like a natural air-conditioner.

Ancient City of Idyma

Akyaka Municipality leaning reliably on the Sakar Hill at the north-eastern corner of Gökova Gulf hosts the antique city of Idyma tracing back to nearly two thousand five hundred years. Today, remnants of the city of Idyma are spread from Gökova village to the foothills of Kıran Mountain. At the eastern side of the same mountain is situated the necropolis (cemetery). The tombs craved on the rocks lying along the hill were built like a home so that the dead bodies could continue their lives after death. Most properly preserved example of these rock tombs is in the area called İnişdibi between Akyaka and Gökova. There is also a Byzantium Castle on a moderate hill situated on the same road by the Azmak river. The region has embraced the human being with its natural resources, climate, geography and suitable living conditions. Monument tombs of Akyaka are among the places of interest.


 Akyaka offers world standards in this sport with its 3 kms, sandy and low water beach, constant wind blowing from the West to the beach on 6 bfr. Wind kite surf school in Akyaka provides all the opportunities for those desiring to learn doing this sport and enjoy such convenient conditions.


That all motor water sports are forbidden in the gulf makes it a safe place for surfers. The weather is appropriate for every level of surfer from May until November. Closed part of the gulf is so secure for the beginners. The expertise of the school is surf training for children. Starting from the age of 6, one can do wind-surfing.


What about a tour on Akyaka Azmak or turqoise coasts of Gökova full of history? Trips made by sea kayaks on the clear water are among the activities visitors of Akyaka definitely join. Trips of 3,5 or 7 days are also organized on the various routes in Bodrum-Datça-Akyaka triangle. Even in winter time Daily trips are organized under the Aegean sun shining warmly.


The villages of Gökova are also comfortable routes without ramps. A sportive decline from the summit of Sakar to the turquoise sea of Gökova accompanied by a magnificent landscape. During a whole week you will stay in Akyaka, you can pedal along a different route every day. Additionally, weekly trips are organized on the triangle of Bodrum, Datça and Akyaka.

Rock Climbing

7 routes with different degrees viewing the beautiful scenery, especially those situated just on the back of Çınar beach are so suitable both for beginners and other level of climbers desiring to improve. All the materials are supplied by the wind of Gökova. 12 months of the year in Akyaka are ideal to do this sports activity.


The field just beside the watch tower (950 m) situated on the right summit of Sakar Hill can be used for taking off. October, November, April and May, which are the least windy months, can be enjoyed for thermal winds. You can have a fantastic journey above the blue water of the gulf with a paraglide. Austrian and French para-gliders stay in Akyaka for a week every year and enjoy the scenery of Gökova and the sky.


It is a privilege to do sailing in Akyaka cooled by constant and strong winds between May and November. It is possible to get trained and join daily Gökova trips with the lasers of various lengths of the school. Just think that people set sail from Idyma (Akyaka) to the famous Cleopatra Beach (Cedar Island) on this water 3000 years ago.


Akyaka leans its back on the steep slopes of Sakar while spreading its feet on the fertile plains of Gökova. The best months are April and May for spending a week to the fullest by trekking through interesting routes of Akyaka.

Horse Riding

Padok Riding center nearby Akyaka attracts people with the horses and opportunities offered for the lovers of riding. Open and closed manages and tracks inside the forest can meet all the needs of the lovers of this sport.


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